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Friday, August 7, 2009

Back from Leadership and so much to share!

Oh my goodness!! I am back from our Leadership Conference in Long Beach, CA - what fun!! My two roomies were the best - Lisa Stenz and Pam Thor! I can't wait until next year in DC - it's going to be a blast and a bunch of us from my team will be going together which will be even more fun!

Check out this adorable gift Lisa made for Pam and I - cute, cute!! She is SO amazing!

Plus, Lisa was asked to submit a project for our Operation Smile fundraiser - which raised over $5,000!! In my humble opinion, her project was the best! Check it out here. Below is a sneak peek...

Pam and I toured Universal Studios on Sunday after the conference. It was so much fun! We had our picture taken with Lisa & Bart Simpson. Bart tried to take my purse! I was told to keep it hidden from him.

Pam is SO outgoing! She volunteered to help out in the Special Effects show and they picked her! I video taped it on her iPhone - but only got a few shots with my camera. She was GREAT! Screaming her head off while fighting a giant cat and sitting at the dinner table eating with the Clumps on the green screen.

It was an exciting conference, with wonderful friends, great food, and lots of fun! I can't wait for next year! I've got more to share...but in another post. This one is long enough! :o)

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