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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Promising Perspective.....

Okay, I just had to share this with you. It may not mean much to you, but it meant the world to me!

The past few months have been really hard relationally, emotionally, and financially. This month was also a surprise Clearance Sale offered by Close To My Heart! Well, a few weeks ago, as I was looking at my sales for the month, I realized that on the very first day of the clearance sale, I had met my monthly sales goal already! Staring at the computer screen in amazement and pondering this blessing, my husband walked into the room and told me to look out the back window at the rainbow.


It was at that moment that my heart welled up with gratitude and awe! I saw the rainbow as a personal sign to ME - a reminder of a promise - of many promises:

I will never leave you, nor forsake you
I have plans for you, to prosper you not to harm you
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Don't worry.....

At the very same time, there was also a storm brewing. I walked out to the front of the house and this is what I saw - the sun setting, the wind blowing, dark clouds rolling in. Kind of an erie feeling.


But when I looked the other way, behind the house, I could see the rainbow, the promise. Once again I was reminded that perspective is everything. Even in the midst of the storm, the promise remains. Even if the clouds hide the rainbow or hinder my view of the sun, it's still there.

Thank you, Lord, for Your faithful blessing of provision and the ADDED blessing of the rainbow.

Oh - and just a few days later, this is the view I saw from the back window. What does this view bring to mind - bitter cold misery or a frosted winter wonderland? It's all a matter of perspective!



  1. Don't you just love rainbows! They are also very personal to me and I feel the same way as if God is talking to me. Hang in there...He will protect, provide and encourage!

  2. This is sooo true and very touching! I remembering looking out the door at the rainbow and Kaeden loved it! I went to get my camera and it was gone! It makes me think that the most precious, beautiful things can disappear in a moments time and that you need to embrace those things while you can and enjoy them....thanks for sharing! I hope things begin to get easier for are a wonderful woman and have so much to be thankful for, hopefully....the weight will be lifted off your shoulders soon!

  3. That's really cool! I'm sorry that the storm clouds are there, but so encouraged by your perspective to see the rainbow! God often uses nature to encourage me as well!

  4. Love you, Christine. Thanks for sharing the pictures that reinforce the thoughts. We continue to pray.

  5. Thank you for posting your honest, open and heartfelt feelings! Yes, we are loved.


  6. Love the pictures and love the encouraging words. I was in the car driving home that evening and when I left work I had the rainbow and when I arrived home I had the second picture. Both so beautiful but different. You deserve the best my friend!