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Friday, July 8, 2011

Java with Jennifer

I had the privilege a few years ago to see Jennifer Rothschild at a women's conference. This woman is amazing. She lost her eyesight as a teenager, but God has taught her SO very much through this impairment - and I believe she now sees much more than any of us that have our eyesight!

I subscribe to her newsletter and wanted to share an article she wrote this month! It makes me smile for many reasons - it's all about heart issues and attitude and how we CHOOSE to see life around us, but also as a Close To My Heart Consultant, WE automatically identify colors around us as colors in our exclusive color palette! :o)

I hope this makes you smile and inspires you to take time to drink in your surroundings. To see beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary all around you!

How Do You See the World?

Emerson once said, "People only see what they are prepared to see." So, how do you see the world? I see it far more vividly since I got my new iPhone and an app that makes me smile each time I use it. I know, I's quite a jump to go from Ralph Waldo Emerson to an iPhone app, but stick with me! The app is called "Color Identifier." It uses the camera in the iPhone to capture my surroundings and then it announces the colors it sees. But, unlike the color detector I use to identify my clothing, it has a vast and descriptive vocabulary it uses to communicate. My color detector simply announces "black" or "blue" or "light yellow" or "olive green" when I press it against fabric. That is so helpful when it comes to knowing the colors of my clothing, but it serves merely as a reporter. The Color Identifier, on the other hand, interprets what it sees like a bohemian artist or imaginative poet would! It uses names for colors like those creative people at Crayola do! For example, the sky isn't simply "blue," it's "Baltic Sea" on a bright day or "gun smoke" on a cloudy one. According to the Color Identifier, my front yard is blanketed with tones of asparagus, avocado and Rangoon green! Can't you just see that?! My office is an inviting palate of amber, spice, mustard, bamboo, oregano, potter's clay, sepia, nutmeg and Creole! Isn't that far more interesting and inspiring than shades of "brown?"

Some of us put little thought into what we see. We settle for "blue" when we've got Wedgewood, cobalt, Danube, cornflower or sapphire surrounding us and just waiting to splash out! Life can be ordinary or it can be interesting. We can perceive the world as normal, or it can be far better than normal in the most quirky and attractive sort of way. It can be "ho hum" or it can be "vavoom!" We can be flat line in our approach to life or we can be a cardiogram on steroids! The world around us is far more colorful than we often perceive. In fact, I believe there's a colorful person in all of us and she can be stifled by a lack of creativity, effort or an unwillingness to really see. So, try a little harder to see a little more clearly next time you look out your window or into your mirror. Choose to experience a little more deeply and feel a little more tingly!

Life is beautiful, see it as it truly is. At least life can be beautiful--it just depends on what you are willing to see when you look.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Well, that's what's been percolating in me lately.

You can read more from Jennifer here.

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