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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Open House Thank You Gift

Did I mention how much fun we had at my Open House? Everyone LOVES all that our new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge can do! And for all of those who participated in my More For Your Money Sale, I have a little thank you gift!
It's a cupcake box (from the AP cartridge - 9" in size) with a stamped votive candle inside!

Thank you to eveyone who attended my open house and a special thanks to all who participated in my More For Your Money Sale! I can't wait for you to start playing with your OWN AP Cartridge!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Giving Thanks Box

Can you handle MORE Elemental artwork? I hope so! Today I want to show how perfect this paper is for Fall projects. I LOVE this time of year, and after a VERY hot summer, I treasure the cool nights that have finally arrived.

I've been reading a book called 365 Thank Yous - The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life by John Kralik. (Stay tuned - I plan on making a project to go along with this book.) The back cover says - "365 DAYS. TWO WORDS. ONE MIRACULOUS TRUE STORY. An inspiring, true story about how a simple, old-fashioned act - writing thank-you notes - led a hopeless, angry, middle-aged man out of despair and into a wonderful life." That was enough to pique MY interest!

This next little project was partially inspired by this book.

It features our new Card Box, our new Chocolate Striped Wide Ribbon, our new Mini-Medley Pewter Accents, and our new stamp set called So Grateful! And of course, the star of the show, our AP Cricut Cartridge! (The crowd cheers!)

I started out by inking the box with a sponge and our chocolate ink. Want to know a much easier way? Try a chocolate MARKER instead! Then I inked our pewter metal accents with our Staz-On Brown ink. This ink is perfect for non-porous materials such as metals. There is a metal frame on top of the box and two metal corner accents on the flap.

I printed out the "Giving Thanks" sentiment from my computer and used the center point feature of the expressions to cut it out in the shape of the metal frame. (Love my AP cartridge!) Then I stamped my pumpkin in second generation Goldrush ink, rolled in chocolate ink and cut it out. I added a leaf stamped in Olive ink and rolled in chocolate ink. Then I stamped directly on the box for the stem and vines. This makes it easy to layer my colorful pumpkin and leaf on top using 3-D foam tape without having to cut the tiny, delicate vines!

When open, you will find a bag of corn kernels (straight from the Feed Store) along with instructions. Again I used the center point feature to cut out my instructions in a cute shape from the AP cartridge!

In case you can't read it:
"The act of GIVING THANKS or having an attitude of gratitude is becoming a lost art. Use this box at dinner time or bed time each day to consider things in our life that you can be grateful for.

Each person receives a few kernels of corn to drop in the box as they state what they are thankful for. Also consider offering thanks to the one who deserves the credit. This can be a prayer of thanks or a thank you note to a friend!

Used on a daily basis, you will notice a difference in your attitude and perspective in about 30 days!"

What are you grateful for? Do you take the time each day to reflect on your day or life to find the good in it? When was the last time you sent a spontaneous thank you card - not an obligatory one? I plan to have more on this subject, but until then, THANK YOU for reading my blog! :o)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 YOU flower wreath card

Here is a cute little card that features many new products and an "oldie but goodie" too!

I started with our new White Daisy Die-Cut cards, but added an A-Door-Able to the front.
When opened, you can see the Die-Cut shape of the front of the card. The scalloped border inside was a cinch using - you guessed it - the AP cartridge!

I used the new Remarkable Wreath stamp set for the "4 YOU" on the front - first I stamped it in White Daisy embossing powder on the card, then I stamped it again on Colonial White cardstock using Sorbet ink. I cut out the pennants and added them over the embossed images using 3-D foam tape.

Then I added a DE ring shape from the Elemental Complement DEs to the front of the "door" and to the outer edge of the "door". The outer ring says "Happiness Lives Here". I embellished the inner ring with 3-D flowers in Sorbet and Creme Brulee (all inked with Grey Flannel). I love the names of these colors - and how delicious they are together!

When you open the "door" of the A-Door-Able, you see "Life is Good"!

When was the last time YOU used an A-Door-Able and how did you use it?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Elemental Gift Bag

One of the things I ADORE about our new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, is the boxes, bags, and packages we can create!! Here is a gift bag created using two 12x12 papers on a 12x24 mat. This is the biggest size I can create using this mat, but trust me, it's quite large enough. Once assembled, the bag itself (not including the handles) measures 6" wide, 3.75" deep, and 6" tall. Plenty of room to fill with all kinds of goodies and gifts!

I used our new Love Life stamp set on this bag along with the Hooray Bouquet (for the flowers). Two of my faves! I also added some 3-D flowers for variety! (I'm lovin' those flowers!) In the center of the flowers I used both clear sparkles and our glitzy new Rhinestone Designer Brads.

Behind the sentiment on the bag, I added some Grey Flannel cardstock with a little Prisma Glitter for pizzazz! I also inked everything with Grey Flannel to amplify the silver/sparkle effect.

Also, on the front and back of the bag I used our coordinating Elemental Complements Dimensional Elements border.

Finally, here is a picture of the bag with a tag made from the AP cartridge and a coordinating tag stamp set that is included in the collection.

Have you made this large gift tote with YOUR cartridge yet? Just a couple of tips - lay your paper side-by-side (not overlapping) but tight together. Then after cutting, add some double-sided tape to the inside seam before lifting from the mat - so it will remove as one piece. If you want, you can hide the tape by removing the protective strip and adding a strip of the same color cardstock over the tape/seam.

Check back for more artwork!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here is the 2011-2012 Close To My Heart Advisory Board. I'm not sure we know what we are in for....but we are all excited!

This week I am off on the Close To My Heart Advisory Board Retreat.

My bags are packed, my sleeves are rolled up, and I'm ready to go!

While I'm gone, I have some new artwork scheduled to post throughout the week. I hope you enjoy and I'll check in when I return! Have a great week everyone!


There are many things and many people to remember and honor today. Some of them gave the ultimate sacrifice. And still others continue to serve in such a way that they put their lives at risk for the benefit of others every moment of every day.

We remember those who are gone, we remember those who are still here, we remember those who are serving, we remember those who are living without a loved one.

I recently read about an account of the last survivor to be rescued at Ground Zero, I'd like to take just a second to share it with you - from the book "Praying the Names of God - A Daily Guide by Ann Spangler".

Have you ever sat across the table from some one who shouldn't even be walking around on the planet? A year ago I met a woman named Genelle Guzman-McMillan. Her story mezmerized me because she survived troubles the rest of us have only encountered in our nightmares. She is the last survivor of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Genelle is a soft-spoken woman who remembers what happened in terrifying detail. Employed by the Port Authority of New York, she arrived a little after 8 a.m. on September 11 and rode the elevator to her job on the sixty-fourth floor of the north tower. Thinking it was safe to stay, Genelle didn't attempt to leave the building until after the second plane hit. Racing down fifty-one flights of stairs in high heels, she stopped for a moment on the thriteenth floor. As she bent down to remove her shoes, the north tower collapsed on top of her.

Like millions of others, I watched the horrifying scene via live TV, convinced that no one had survived the collapse of the second tower.

Here's what happened to Genelle when all hell broke loose:

One hundred ten floors were coming down around us. I knew I was being buried alive. The noise was deafening...

When I woke again I told myself I had to do something. But what could I do? "God, you've got to help me!" I prayed. "You've got to show me a sign, show me a miracle, give me a second chance. Please save my life!" My eyes were so caked with grime that the tears couldn't come, but I felt it in my heart. I was talking to God as though he were right there. I told him I was ready to live my life the right way. "Lord, just give me a second chance, and I promise I will do your will."...

The next day I heard a beep-beep sound like a truck backing up. I called for help, but there was no response....Finally someone hollered back: "Hello, is somebody there?" "Yes, help me! My name is Genelle, and I'm on the thirteenth floor," I cried, not realizing how ludicrous the information about my location must have sounded, coming from a pile of rubble...

I could see a bit of daylight coming through a crack, so I stuck my hand through it...I stretched my hand out as far as I could, and this time someone grabbed it. "Genelle, I've got you! You're gong to be all right. My name is Paul. I won't let go of your hand until they get you out."

Genelle had prayed to the God she had ignored for most of her life, and he had been there for her. After twenty-seven hours she was pulled out of the rubble and then spent five weeks in the hospital recuperating. Afterward, she tried to locate Paul, the man who had held onto her hand until she was rescued. Later, when she asked about him, her rescuers assured her: "There's no one named Paul on our team....nobody was holding your hand when we were removing the rubble."

Was Paul an angel sent to comfort and help her? Was it God himself? Or was it a regular Joe, just rolling up his sleeves to help and the rescuers didn't remember him? It really doesn't matter - it doesn't take away from the miracle of the moment. When I read her account of the building collapsing around them, my lungs get tight and I can only imagine not being able to breathe while being buried alive!

Today we remember, we honor, we pray...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elemental Baby Shower Favor

Yesterday, you saw my baby shower invite. Today I want to show you the party favor that coordinates with the invitation! And you know, it doesn't stop here - it's SO easy with Close To My Heart products, including the amazing Art Philosophy(AP) Cricut Cartridge, to embellish your napkins, candles, create banners, centerpieces, gift packages, etc.! I just can't stop imagining the possibilities, can you?

Here is the Chinese To-Go Box from the AP cartridge. I used the same center point technique as my card to cut out a peek-a-boo hole in the box so you can see what is inside. (Which, by the way, is white chocolate covered pretzels! My mouth is watering just typing this!)

I used our Kraft papers to create the box, then added pieces of the Elemental papers to the front, back and sides. I also embellished the cut out hole with a scalloped frame (from AP) and another Elemental Complements Dimensional Element. The lion is also from the Zoology stamp set. The star is from our Milepost Shapes - accented with a star from the Elemental Complements DEs.

I wrapped a colonial white grosgrain ribbon around the box, with a bow on top. Then added a tag (tied on with Sorbet Waxy Flax) using scallop circles from AP and another Elemental DE. The stamp used on the tag is called Countdown.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Elemental Baby Shower Invitation

I have to say that this Elemental Paper pack has to be one of the most versatile kits we have ever offered!! Even the name is appropriate - ELEMENTAL ( - fundamental or essential; basic. I must admit that I completely overlooked this kit initially, but now that I've used it, I'm IN LOVE!

The colors in this kit can be used for EVERY season and every occasion! Over the next few days, I'll be sharing some projects that I've made using this kit. And of course, each includes elements from our new Art Philosophy (AP) Cricut Cartridge!

Let's start with a Baby Shower theme!

Here is an invitation:

I used the font on our AP cartridge for the BABY and the stamp set Zoology for the animals. I also added some of the Elemental Complements Dimensional Elements to the front!

I also used my AP cartridge to cut the hole out of the front of the card to make a peek-a-boo card. Using the Center Point feature on the Cricut Expressions makes this technique a snap!

Finally, for the inside I used a scallop circle frame around the giraffe as well as shapes that coordinate with a stamp set included in the AP Cricut Collection for the actual invite. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you simply push a button to cut out your shape, then stamp on the shape and you're done! No more cutting out your images!!

At the bottom of the inside, I used on of the zip-strip borders from this paper back - love that new feature too! In addition to the Elemental L2 paper pack, I used Creme Brulee cardstock, Lagoon cardstock, and Kraft paper. I inked the edges of everything with Desert Sand ink.

Have you used this paper pack yet? I encourage you to give it a try! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mischief Kit Club

In this month's kit club we are using our new Mischief kit! Even though this kit is Halloween themed, it is SO MUCH more than that! These papers work very well with formal, elegant, or even heritage photos and projects. Even masculine projects!

Would you like to learn new techniques each month as you create and complete projects - whether they be scrapbooking layouts or one of our bonus projects like cards, and 3-D gift items?

How about a night out with the girls?

How about earning FREE products?

Click here to see the projects we are making this month and contact me if you would like more information.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat

I'm thrilled to announce my fall weekend scrapbook retreat and getaway! Whether you are near or far, I'd love for you to join me in Logan, WV at the Chief Logan Lodge & Conference Center. I've negotiated discounted hotel rooms as well as a super deal on our scrap room! TONS of prizes, contests, and fun all weekend long!

Read more here and contact me for complete details if you are interested!
See you there!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Roxie Box & Cards Workshop

This month's creative club project features our new My Creations Card Box. I just LOVE these little boxes! You can do so much more with them than just cards! In fact, I've made several already and this the first one I've made for cards!

The box top features some of our new Just Blooms butterflies, some rockin' bling buttons and the rest is ALL from our new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge - brackets, leaves, 3-D flowers, sentiment frame, as well as the scalloped edge on the front flap.

The inside of the box is finished and holds 10 coordinating cards/envelopes! These cards are very simple. I LOVE the sentiment - could be used for birthday, congratulations, graduation, new year, almost anything! It's from one of my favorite new stamp sets called Hooray Bouquet!

The plaid card would even be appropriate for a guy - making this a very practical workshop or gift!

I'd love to have you join me on Friday, September 23rd at 6:30pm for this workshop.
The cost is only $15 for the box plus 10 cards/envelopes - OR only $10 when you place an order of $25 or more that night!

Can't attend, order a kit - with pre-cut, prestamped pieces and step-by-step instructions to assemble on your own!. (Postage is extra.)