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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreamin' Kit Club Cards

Earlier this month, I drove to West Chester, PA to do a card club with my "sista" Renee (my brother's girlfriend). I guess you could say I'd travel to the ends of the earth to do a card workshop! (Well at least to PA!) She meticulously placed sample artwork throughout her home to display for her guests, it looked like it belonged there!

(Lisa Stenz's Sonoma artwork)

I was so excited to do this workshop with Renee! She invited 5 other friends to join her. None of them are scrapbookers, but we were able to use the Dreamin' WOTG kit to make 5 adorable cards plus a couple of cricut gift packages (in addition to my layout) and still have paper left to create more! Here are the cards - I change them up just a little from the bonus project instructions and again I am adding the Harvest Charms to these too:
This first one, I just had to use the technique we learned on the layout. Love it!

Cute, huh? Stay tuned....I'll show you the cricut packages we made!

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