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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Operation Smile is a WINNER!

Operation Smile is a charity that Close To My Heart has supported for many years.You can read more about them here.

Meet Ngan. You can read her sweet story here. Her surgery was performed in 2002. Nine year later, in January 2011, Ngan is the happy, healthy, vibrant girl she was meant to be. She now dreams of becoming a teacher and bringing education to other children in the province.
I just love reading the Smile Stories of lives that have been changed. But even more amazing are the before and after photos! Wow! It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! And all because one man and woman decided to use their God-given talents to help children in need.

One of the many ways to earn crop cash at our weekend crop was to purchase a t-shirt (with proceeds going to Operation Smile) and also donating your change (to "change" a smile). Here is the logo that Cari Chafin designed for the t-shirt for our event. Isn't it cute?

Let me tell you, these girls didn't care a bit about the crop cash, they were all about helping to change the life of a child. Did you know it only takes $240 to perform this life changing surgery on a child? Well, my scrappin' peeps donated over $280 this weekend! That means one child will have their life not only improved, but radically changed - in part, thanks to my wonderfully generous peeps. But in large part, thanks to the surgeons and volunteers who devote their talents, time and skill in this very worth organinzation!

Thank you peeps! You inspire and bless me!!

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