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Thursday, December 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Thank You's!

This year, I did mostly handmade gifts for my family. Here is what my mom received:
It's a book by John Kralik - a real live person, currently a judge in CA - who tells very candidly how he went from being the most miserable person with horrible circumstances to a life filled with purpose and blessing! I was so inspired by his story, I've decided to make this a project for my mom and I. While John took it upon himself to write 365 thank you (one each day for a year) I decided to put together 52 thank you notes (1 for each week of the year). Even with only 52 cards - it was quite a project. I wanted to offer it as a workshop, but I'm not sure how many people will want to participate. So, if you are interested, email me and I can put together a set for you to make or schedule a time for us to do it together!

There are 13 each of 4 different cards:

Also included are 52 envelopes stamped with the coordinating sentiments above that fit in the box along with a coordinating pen and chart to record the date you sent each card, to whom, and the purpose - so that you can look back on your chart, count your blessings and feel the gratitude rise in your heart all over again!

I used the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge for the sentiment shapes and frames on the cards as well as the flap and flower on the box. (LOVE my AP cartridge!)

Okay, so I made a slight miscalculation when creating this project. 52 cards/envelopes easily fit in our recipe/photo box above, however, after adding another layer of paper to each card and the double layer sentiment AND 3-D foam tape to each sentiment, they wouldn't all fit in the box. If you choose to make this project, I will incorporate an open box (from the AP cartridge) with 4 compartments for your cards, similar to this one made by Lisa Stenz.

So, to sum up, I recently read a statement on a blog that resonated with me. I carefully jotted down the quote and the person to give them credit and now I can't find it, (UGH!), but it goes something like this: 

"Positivity is a choice that is nurtured by gratitude."

Doesn't that make perfect sense? It does to me! 

Happy New Year to all my bloggin' friends! And may your positive perspective be enlarged and nurtured by constant gratitude in the year ahead. I am definitely grateful for YOU!


  1. This post is proof of why I think the world of you. I could always tell what a kind and gracious person you are just by being around you a few times, but this post proves it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful project with us, but even more, thanks for sharing who you are.

  2. What a wonderful idea and your cards and box are gorgeous!!!

  3. Karen - what a generous compliment! Thank you! :o)

  4. Christine, what a wonderful idea! If you have a class I would try to come but maybe just make a few cards and finish others on my own. You are such a beautiful, wonderful, caring person and a blessing to me and many! Now I want to read the book also, sounds great, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful idea to go with your beautiful cards! Thank u for the inspiration.
    Doreen at whereisyourhappyplace.blogspot. com

  6. Teresa, since there seems to be interest in this project, I'm having it on Monday 1/23 at 6pm. I'll email you with more details.

    Doreen - thank you!

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