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Monday, December 12, 2011

There's a Mouse in my House!

It's an adorable little book.......but unfortunately.......we don't have the book in our house.......we have the MOUSE!

Grab a cup of tea while I tell you the story.....Here's what I was making dinner last week, I noticed chunks of hamburger bun missing! RED FLAG! As I started looking around in the drawers and cabinets I found droppings! UGH!!!!

Fast forward to the next morning - our dryer stopped heating. So my husband took it apart to try and assess the problem and fix it. He found the dryer lint line clogged, with burn marks and melted parts inside. I'm glad it stopped working instead of catching on fire!

So he went down to the shed to get the shop vac to blow out the lint line and make sure it was clear all the way through. He set it down inside the family room, turned around to close the sliding door, and turned back to witness a mouse scurry out of the shop vac and under the entertainment center! And it was a BIG one!

As a child he was attacked by Kangaroo Rats and ever since then FREAKS out over mice! Needless to say, it was a creepy situation that involved moving furniture, a broom and screaming! However, he was a brave man and chased it outside! Whew!

Fast forward to the next morning.....he comes down stairs first thing to take Molly out (our Maltese), sets her down on the living room floor, then out from under the Christmas tree comes ANOTHER large field mouse! Just trotting right along, past the husband, past the dog, down the stairs to the front door. Everyone just stared at the mouse! The dog didn't even BARK! Sheesh! Again, he chases THIS one out the front door.

Five minutes later, we are on the phone with the pest control company! We obviously need a professional! We have no idea HOW MANY mice came out of that shop vac while his back was turned! Plus we have the tiny house mouse in the kitchen!

Fast forward to later that afternoon, after stuffing every crevice around pipes with steel wool, and signing a contract for pest control, we are on track to be rodent free! Ugh! Guess I got a pest control service for Christmas and my husband gets new dryer parts for Christmas! That's the way it goes! I guess I'd have to say being rodent free is on the top of my Wish List!

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