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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Consultant Kit!

How would you like to receive over $288 worth of product for ONLY $99? 

In addition to that, you would receive a 22% discount on all future purchases! 

In addition to that, you would have access to discounted bulk products!

In addition to that, you would have access to NEW products a whole month in advance of the general public!

In addition to that, I offer one-on-one and group training!

In addition to that, you would have access to online training and endless inspiration!

In addition to that......well, lets just say I could go on and on! The point is, our NEW Spring/Summer Consultant Kit is NOW AVAILABLE!
Are you interested in getting a discount every day? I have team members that simply take the discount for themselves, others who have a handful of friends that they share with, and others who are actively building a business and a team to earn real income! I also have team members less than a mile down the road and some across the country!

Are you interested in any of those options? Contact me for more details. I'd be happy to chat with you to see if this would be a good fit for you! Do you already know you want in on the! deal? Click here to get your kit today

Let's start off your year with a fantastic discount on great products that will encourage you to be proactive and productive in preserving your memories and celebrating the relationships in your life!

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