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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cricut Class - Rose Flower Bouquets

Look what just bloomed at my house -- in the middle of winter!

Do you LOVE fresh flowers but find it hard to justify your purchase since they only last about a week? I've got the perfect solution - make your own! That's what I did! I used 3 different colors - Creme Brulee, Sunset, and Smoothie - inked all of the flowers with Smoothie ink and now they look perfect together!

This is what we are making at my Cricut Class this month! And you can too!!

My first rose bouquet, for convention last year, was made using Tulip cardstock for the roses and New England Ivy for the leaves. In my opinion, a much more "realistic" color combo.

But for this class, those colors are no longer available in bulk. So you can choose from the following colors for your roses - all the same or any combo! (From left to right: Blush, Smoothie, Cranberry, Honey, Creme Brulee, Sunset). I used all the same rose shape - but there are 6 different 3-D flowers to choose from! You can make yours all the same or add some variety! The leaves will all be Olive. However, if you'd like them a little darker, you can ink them with New Englad Ivy instead of Olive ink.

In this workshop you will receive 20 green cloth-covered floral wire stems for 12 flowers and 8 baby's breath. You will also receive paper needed to create all flowers and leaves on the Cricut, along with step-by-step instructions. This is the Basic Kit.

In addition to the paper, stems, and instructions, you will also need a flower ink color, leaf ink color, sponge, Liquid Glass, Tweezers, and Piercing tool. This is the Complete Kit and includes the Basic Kit above.

Sign up to attend my hands on workshop. You will need to bring your cricut machine with you along with your Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. You may also want to bring a vase and wire cutter to form your bouquet on site!

Don't have a cricut or can't bring your machine or don't have the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge yet? You can request a pre-cut kit for $5 more. 

Want a more full bouquet? Purchase as many additional kits as you want! 

Friday, March 2nd from 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, March 3rd from 10am - 1pm
*Contact me to hold your spot! Space is limited in each class!

Basic Kit (paper and stems only) - $10 each
Basic Kit with precut pieces - $15 each
Complete Kit - $40
Complete Kit with precut pieces - $45

Can't attend but you would still like to make a bouquet? Order a kit to pick up or to be shipped directly to you. 

Rose Bouquet - Basic Kit (local - no delivery)

Rose Bouquet - Complete Kit (local - no delivery)

Basic Kit - with $5 shipping

Complete Kit - with $5 shipping
If you don't have the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge yet, you are missing out! If you order an Art Philosophy Cricut Collection on my website here, it will ship directly to you and I will ship you a Basic Rose Bouquet Kit FREE! Be sure to contact me and let me know what color(s) you want your roses to be!

If you don't have a Cricut Expression machine yet, be sure to check out how you can get one for FREE by clicking here! My drawing is this coming Saturday!! Don't delay! (You don't have to be present to win.)


  1. I love it Christine!! Beautiful flowers :)

  2. Your bouquets are beautiful.What size are your flowers? I only have a baby bug that cuts 6x12 so I am sure I couldn't make anything as pretty as those. I keep trying to rationalize buying the expression.

  3. Leslie - (I sent you an email response, but I thought I'd post here too). The roses are 4", 5", and 6". On the small cricut you can do as large at 5 1/2" (I think) which is plenty big! BUT, you will not regret an upgrade to the Expression machine! I highly recommend it!

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  5. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!

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