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Monday, July 16, 2012

A SWEET DEAL - with a cherry on top!

Have I got a SWEET DEAL for you!!! With a couple of BONUS GIFTS thrown in too - the proverbial "cherry on top"!
Our brand new Autumn/Winter Consultant Kit is available NOW and is ONLY $49!!!! Our new consultant kit actually has TWO options. First is an affordable and fully appointed ESSENTIALS KIT for only $49 filled with products totaling $130!

It features brand new product, not available to customers until August 1st, including our new Avonlea papers and accessories! This kit is all you need to get your hobby or business started. Once you sign up, you can begin to order any additional product you want or need to start your business and get the sales credit as well as an instant commission (or discount) on every item!

If you know you want to build a business and start strong, this kit may be the best option for you. It is the MASTER KIT and includes everything in the Essential's Kit PLUS additional books, forms, business supplies and tools. The MASTER KIT is only $99 and is valued at $280!

Okay - here's the Cherry!

Instant Training - Join my team now and you can attend my team training meeting on Saturday, July 28th to see new products, hear all about them, and actually create a project using them! Whether you are a hobbyist or a business builder, you will want to see our new products first hand to really appreciate them.

Free Bag - Join my team in August and receive a gorgeous FREE Convention bag - valued at $50!
These sturdy and beautiful bags are only available while supplies last - which won't be long, so if you would like to receive one, you will need to join my team on August 1st to ensure you receive yours!

Win A Workshop - The first TEN people to join my team between July and September are invited to attend a FREE workshop hosted by Close To My Heart Vice President Kristine Widtfeldt right her in West Virginia!!!!! I promise you, this is a priceless experience! Kristine is a smart, savvy, and stylish woman. She is also quick witted and so much fun to be around! You won't want to miss this one time event!
(Here we are on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise together.)

(There will be TEN additional spots that I will draw from my team to attend so even if you aren't among the first 10 to join my team, you still have an opportunity to win a spot at the workshop!) 

So there you have it! Join my fabulous, award winning team to get your SWEET DEAL with several cherries on top! Contact me if you have any questions or want to talk through your best options. Click here for all the details!


  1. I would so join your team Christine for that workshop alone if I wasn't already a member of the CTMH family - and loving every minute of it :) Thanks for being so sweet to me at convention! It was very nice to meet you :)

  2. Soooooo excited for you that you won one of the workshops. Very cool! I loved working with you this year!

  3. I am so happy for you! You are so deserving of this award. You are a very sweet person and am glad that I am your friend.
    Carolyn Carter