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Monday, July 16, 2012

Team Gifts at Convention

Every year at convention, I put together a little gift for my team attending convention. This year, I didn't have much time to really get creative, so I put together a little survival kit for them - because THIS year is going to be so exciting (actually every year is SO exciting) - they may need a few of these items. It is a "Just In Case" Survival Kit.

Just in case...your throat is sore from all the excitement of the new product reveal!

Just in experience "leakage" during the new product reveal!

Just in break a nail from gripping your seat and jumping up too fast!

Just in case...everyone else in your room is up all night chatting and  looking at the new Idea Book!

I was thrilled to have Pam Thor, Patti Ehrhardt, Jessica Schneider, and Shannon King attend convention with me this year.

As well as Diane Judy - who brought her husband Alan along too! Since Diane was still recovering from surgery, her husband drove her all the way from WV to TX so she could attend convention! How sweet is that!

Love you girls! Thanks for sharing convention with me!!

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