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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cupcake Boxes on the Artiste

Here is another project that you can make at my Open House this weekend.

Since we are using only the finest quality paper crafting products, I thought it only right that we should also use gourmet cupcakes too!

I found these delicious morsels at Serendipty Cupcake Boutique in Hurricane, WV. It's hard to find a "special" cupcake with a low profile to fit in a cupcake box! I haven't tasted these yet, I'm waiting to taste any leftovers after my open house, but I DID have the opportunity to lick the icing off my fingers. Mmmmmm good!

Next the cupcake goes into the box.

Then the lid is placed on top - complete with transparency for protection! This box measure 3" tall - but you can make it larger.

Then decorate as desired!

And just so the guys won't be left out - here is another alternative:

I forgot to mention, that our cupcake box comes with a third piece that fits inside to hold your cupcake in place. It even includes finger holes to reach around and grab your cupcake without mussing the frosting!

And since this manly box is a little understated, let's include a cupcake card ALSO on the Artiste cartridge!

I hope you are planning on coming - if not I'm going to eat your cupcake!!

And by the way, I also ordered some very special cupcakes from Lil Bit of Heaven Cupcakes in Saint Albans, WV. These sound so delicious I can't wait to try them!
It's called Apple Cinnamon Roll - it's a wonderfully sinful cinnamon cupcake with rich caramel and granny smith apples swirled with cinnamon topped with apple cider buttercream frosting and a final dusting of cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!! I originally planned on putting these in a box, but she said they will probably be about 4 1/2" tall, depending on how much moisture is in the apples. TOO tall for the box, but not too tall to munch on! 

Hope to see you this weekend  so you can try them too! 
*cupcakes available while supplies last!


  1. Sign me up for a delicious cupcake! LOL Cute boxes. :)

  2. Cute way to use that crown! Love it

  3. The cupcake box looks quite trendy. I'm going to make a similar one and put some glitters on it. It will look more shiny and bright then.