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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Day With Kristine Widtfeldt!

Kristine arrived in Charleston, WV late Thursday night, then met Nicole Finch and I on Friday afternoon over at our workshop site to set up for the big day! A HUGE thanks to Nicole for securing this great gym with a separate eating area and full kitchen for our big event!!

We spent WAY too much time on our paper flower pom-poms for our photo backdrop! But they were cute!

After FINALLY done setting up - I had to bring Kristine to my house - just so I could create a "George Washington slept here" moment! (Actually Lisa Stenz "slept here" which is enough clout!) But now, Kristine Widtfeldt was here too!! Here's PROOF!

Then Nicole and I whisked Kristine back to Charleston to get her some WV Holl's Chocolate! It was so cute to see her carefully analyze and select the chocolates to fill her box!

Then that evening we met up again at the Bridge Road Bistro for a Meet & Greet with other consultants and customers! What a treat!!! It was an intimate evening in a private room with appetizers and our own private waiter! He was a HOOT! Wish I would have gotten a photo with him! Kristine told stories about the company and Jeanette. It made us ALL appreciate and LOVE Close To My Heart even MORE - if that is possible!

not such a great picture with my iPhone :-(

(Unfortunately, I don't have many photos from this evening. I'll have to get copies from others.)
 More about the BIG Workshop Day tomorrow....


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I am honored that Kristine and I can both say we've slept at the "Adams Manor." (Sure hope I didn't leave any unmentionables there for her to find. LOL!) *Ü*

  2. Looks like fun! Can't wait to see your update from the workshop day :)

  3. I can only imagine the excitement of this day for you. Sometimes just stopping to live in the moment is better than tons of photos...memories that will last a lifetime. :) Have a happy week, Miss Christine!