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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Creations Cubby Display

Here is another display I created for convention last year. I used one of our new My Creations Cubbys to display photos and treasures of my great grandmother.

The Cubby comes in a heavy chipboard kraft color. You can ink, paint or cover with paper as desired. In this case, I laid the cubby in a box and used my spray pen filled with black reinker and alcohol to give the cubby a nice basic black color. I then took one of our new black pigments inks and inked the outside edges of each cubby. Why? Water based dye inks will fade over time when exposed to light. So home decor projects really need a pigment based ink which is color fast and won't fade over time. I felt it would be too cumbersome to coat the entire cubby with pigment ink, so I only did the exposed edges.

The cubby sections are permanent,  however if you wanted you could cut sections out. I chose to leave them in, but create a photo mat that would allow me to cover more than one cubby section at a time. For example, the photo on the left takes up 6 cubby sections and is approximately 5" x 7". I created a notched photo mat that would slide over top of each cubby divider.
I did the same thing with the photo on the right. The other three small photos I created a mat that would slide into each individual cubby, recessed, to give the display more dimension. I also covered the exposed cubby's with Avonlea BandT paper - as well as the sides of the cubby.

For those of you who purchased the Advent Calendar Workshop Kit last year, you could remove the boxes and display photos and treasures or even decorate seasonally, then pull the boxes back out at Christmas time, making your project even more valuable!

Click here to order your cubby and create your own display today!

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