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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Treat Cards!

I fell in love with Lisa Stenz's creative club project and had to make some of these cards for my own club members! So this month, all of my club members will receive one of these beauties filled with yummy m&m's!

What's so cool about this card (made from pg. 69 of the Artiste cartridge) is the treat cup sticks out of the front, but when you pull out the tag, the candy comes out of the back hole so you can get to the candy without destroying your card!

In fact, once you are done, you can insert the tag again to display the card and read the sentiment through the treat cup!

Supplies used on this card:

I love these treat cups! They measure about 1/2" high and come in a package of 10 for only $3.95!


  1. These are scrumptious! Smarty pants!

  2. I found you on Pinterest and LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did. I hope you don't mind but I created my own version so share with my CTMH ladies. I blogged my creatons and gave you credit. Thank you for sharing your creativity with others! Blessings!

    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Laura! I'm so glad you could use these in your club too! And thanks to the amazing Lisa Stenz for the inspiration! Love and blessings to you too!!