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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Balloon Ride Club Cards

Next month in my clubs we will be using our Balloon Ride papers to make these cards.

First let me say, these are very simple - which means they are easily reproducible. But you could easily embellish them even more if you want to.

We will be making 10 cards out of our White Daisy Die-Cut cards and using our new Embossing Folders!

The first set is Easter cards featuring a lovely new stamp set called Greatest Love! I LOVE this stamp set. The sentiments are appropriate for everyday - not just Easter!

 And the embossing folder I chose for this card was our Damask Embossing Folder - very elegant! The inside sentiment reads "Warmest Wishes this Easter season".

The second set of cards features our Dot Embossing Folder.

I love the sentiment inside: "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain." Dolly Parton

This last set of cards features our Chevron Embossing Folder and a sentiment from Robert Frost "Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length." I thought the hot air balloon paper was appropriate for that sentiment. 

I LOVE our new embossing folders! They really ADD a lot of texture and interest! Did you know you can get them for FREE this month? Click here for all the details! 

If you are interested in joining us to make these cards or if you would like to start a group of your own simply contact me and let me know!

Balloon Ride Club Layouts

Next month at my clubs we will be using our Balloon Ride papers and our NEW Embossing Folders!

This first layout can easily accommodate 4x6 flip flaps on the right page. I have one with an "Adorable You" lift tab on it - that's why you see the glare in the photo.

Here it is open. Flip Flaps are a fabulous way to incorporate more photos with out a cluttered look or to hide your journaling underneath your photos!

In this layout we will also be using our NEW Chevron and Dot Embossing Folders on some of the cardstock pieces to add texture and interest!

On this second layout we are using the Damask Embossing Folder on all of the photo mats and a pop of brown glitter paper here and there!

Would you like to join us? We have a lot of fun! We meet at my home on the 4th Friday of every month at 1pm and 6pm. I also have a club that meets in Danville on the 2nd Friday of each month. Contact me if you are interested in joining us or would like to start a club in YOUR area!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Faux Leather Albums are retiring!

Close to my Heart has long been known for quality expandable post-bound Albums. Our Faux Leather Album collection is no exception. However, I wanted to let you know that they will be retiring at the end of the current catalog cycle (July 2014) and are now only available while supplies last. I wanted to get the word to you in case you want to get more of the same color to complete a collection or some people get a certain color for each child, etc.

The GOOD NEWS is, the new albums that will be replacing these have many improvements but also some differences that I thought was important for you to know.

First, they will not be expandable - this is to ensure the integrity and handling of the album.  When expanded too large,  the posts can become wobbly in our current albums and the weight of the album is very cumbersome and difficult to lay on someones lap to share without causing some discomfort! The new albums are designed to hold 25-30 page protectors - that really makes for a perfect sized album!

Second, the new albums will be available in both post-bound and D-ring! There are many fans of both types, now you can choose whichever you prefer!

Third, they will not be available in the current faux leather finish. The new albums will be available in  with a coated canvas finish. And they will also be available in different patterns as well as two solid colors. Our two latest additions found on page 134 of the new idea book are a sneak peek of the trendy patterns that we will see more of! And the coated canvas adds lasting texture and beauty!

And finally, our new albums have several more improvements: they have much higher quality endpapers for a more luxurious feel; the cover board is thicker and heavier; the posts now unscrew with a small flip-up handle that you twist with your fingers (no tools or broken fingernails required); and the flap that covers the screws has a light magnet incorporated to help the flap lie flatter when the album is closed! Very cool improvements!

I wanted to let you know NOW, so that you can stock up on both the current albums and the accessories that go with them such as the extender posts and screws, spine expanders, etc. Since they are only available while supplies last at this point, I would hate for them to run out of your favorite color or the accessories to expand the current albums that you have. OR begin anew with one of our NEW AND IMPROVED albums beginning March 1st.

Click here to stock up now or feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

NEW Spring/Summer Paper Packets continued!

Yesterday I posted 4 out of the 7 new paper packets and coordinating accessories for you to see. Today I will share the remaining 3! Are you ready?

This country fair/picinic themed paper says SUMMER all over in the bright but warm colors and images! It is perfect to highlight your summer memories!

Jubilee Paper Packed - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock sheets (not shown)

Jubilee Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating printed chipboard

Jubilee Assortment - $5.95
9 adhesive backed badge buttons

This outdoor/camping themed paper has a beautiful woodgrain paper along with the deep greens of mountain tops and the rich blues of deep water or summer skies.

Timberline Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock sheets (not shown)

Timberline Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating adhesive artwork

Timberline Assortment - $5.95
13 pieces: 9 etched wooden shapes, 4 etched wooden pins

This bright fun paper is perfect for springtime, new baby, or friendship! Paired with trendy owls, anything you make with these coordinating products are sure to please - like this bedroom wall art display!

Lollydodle Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock sheets (not shown)

Lollydoodle Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating adhesive artwork

Lollydoodle Assortment - $5.95
9 adhesive backed acrylic gems

So there you have it! All SEVEN new paper packets! Which one is your favorite? Or which one will you use first? Click below to browse my website for these new products and MORE so you can start creating today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

NEW Spring/Summer Paper Packets!

Close To My Heart is known for their papers that are both beautiful and high quality! I challenge you to compare them to others - I promise you will appreciate our beauty, white core, double sided designs, paper weight, and overall value! PLUS our My Reflections Paper Packets have 6 different pattern papers along with 6 coordinating card stock pages that make creating a snap! Mix and match any of the designs and colors and you are sure to have a hit! No more wondering if this color goes with that color - the science has already been done for you!

Here are our new paper packs in the order they appear in the Idea Book:

This spring themed paper features birds, love, laughter, and friendship! You will love the soft blues and greens balanced with the earthy browns and tans.

Skylark Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock (not shown)

Skylark Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating printed chipboard

Skylark Assortment - $5.95
9 adhesive backed resin pieces in birds and flowers

Ivy Lane
This timeless and elegant floral paper could be used for so many different themes - heritage, spring, wedding, Mother's Day, etc. 

Ivy Lane Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock (not shown)

Ivy Lane Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating adhesive designs

Ivy Lane Assortment - $5.95
9 adhesive backed pieces in purple fabric flowers and pink acrylic flowers

Here is another timeless floral themed kit that incorporates a little bit of funk with the flowers! Trendy images on the complements pair beautifully with the elegant paper designs!

 Ariana Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock (not shown)

Ariana Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" coordinating printed chipboard

Ariana Assortment - $5.95
8 adhesive backed fabric bows - I LOVE THESE!!!!

Balloon Ride
This creamy, dreamy paper packet is delightful! The balloon paper is absolutely beautiful and the coordinating papers can really be used for ANY theme as you can see in the artwork below!

Balloon Ride Paper Packet - $9.95
6 pattern papers + 6 coordinating cardstock (not shown)

Balloon Ride Complements - $4.95
2 - 12" x 6" Coordinating printed chipboard

Balloon Ride Assortment - $5.95
8 adhesive backed resin pieces (the colors in real life are much softer than this photo to coordinate with the papers)

Since this has turned into such a long post, I will post the remaining 3 paper packets tomorrow! If you can't wait and want to start creating right away, click here to browse my website and see even more!