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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Career Day at Bible Center School!

I had my arm twisted to participate in Career Day at Bible Center School for the Jr. High class last week, and I'm SO glad I went!

I represented the direct sales industry and was a little unsure it was appropriate for me to be there among the doctors, dentists, law enforcement, child psychologists, translators, etc. - until I met the kids! These were some of the most polite, intelligent, and all around great kids that I have ever met!

They had a set of questions to ask about each career as they made the rounds to each table.

1. What is your job title?
I am an Independent Consultant - which basically means I am my own boss! But I represent a company that has great products, training, and a generous compensation plan!

2. What do you like most about your job?
My answer was the flexibility to determine when I get up, how hard I work and how much money I want to make! Having this flexibility also allows me to be there for family emergencies too. In addition to that, I have to say I LOVE the relationships I have built with some of the most wonderful and amazing people on the planet - that I would never have met outside of this career!

3. What are the educational requirements for this job?
There are no minimum requirements! However, I think people skills would help you to be more successful!

4. What school subject would be helpful in this job?
I had to answer - computer class for internet skills. More and more business is done online and marketed through social media sites, so I think that is a skill that would definitely add to your success!

(The kids aren't aliens, I've just blurred their faced to protect their identity.)

Beyond that, we got to chat about other aspects of my job. I sell product, but more than that, I am a teacher. I show people "how to" use our products and how to create with their own hands. My goal is that they will grow in confidence to create on their own. But we always have a great time when we get together as a group and over a short time we all become good friends!

I also enjoy being a team leader! These women are like a tightly knit "sisterhood" and I love every single one of them!

The company I represent, Close To My Heart, offers so much in the way of a compensation plan. One of the great perks is the incentive trip! I brought along an album from the Easter Caribbean Cruise that I took, compliments of Close to My Heart. They paid for both my husband and I to cruise the Caribbean for a week in style! They loved looking at my Studio J album with all that we got to see and do on this trip!

They also got to sit down and make a card if they wanted. They LOVED that! Boys and girls alike! Using 3-D foam tape, Tombow adhesive, coordinating papers and accessories - they got so excited! It was fun to watch.

But I have to say, they were most interested in the charity we support - Operation Smile. I had a display board set up to show the before and after pictures of kids who had the reconstructive surgery and they were amazed! Amazed at the transformation, but also amazed that just a few of us can pool together enough money to pay for the surgery! And that my customers have done that many times over! They were inspired by that - and I have to say that I am too. I'm grateful for the amazing organization - Operation Smile - and to my customers who round up their order to donate money or purchase cards to donate money, or who participate in our crop fundraisers to donate money. So many lives have been changed - actually SAVED - because of their generosity. I will never cease to be amazed and grateful.

So having experienced all of that, I can honestly say I was glad to have my arm twisted to participate in Career Day! (Thanks Cindy!)

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BUT if you decide you'd like to try and build a business, I will be right by your side to help you! PLUS Close To My Heart has a ton of training videos online to help you get started, I have a Facebook Team Group for our entire team across the country - where we can ask questions and inspire each other 24/7, as well as an Online Team Training Facebook Group for those who want to step it up and grow their business, AND quarterly meetings at my home, AND Close To My Heart hosts regional events and their amazing annual convention - this year at the Disneyland Hotel in California!

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