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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Skylark Club Cards

Next month my clubs will be creating with our beautiful Skylark papers! I've already posted the layouts, now for the cards! 

I had several ideas for the cards - but gravitated toward this idea in the end. I'm using our new Picture My Life pocket card memory keeping system. It's an incredibly easy way to capture your memories on the go by sliding in photos and journaling or sentiment cards in convenient 4x6 and 3x4 sizes!

Well, I wanted to use these gorgeous cards for CARDS!

Each Picture My Life (PML) kit includes a 12x12 cover page, a 10-pack of Memory Protectors, and 122 double-sided cards in 3"x4" and 4"x6" horizontal and vertical designs! 


There are 44 - 4x6 cards (2 each of 22 designs) and 78 - 3x4 cards (3 each of 26 designs). I selected 15 PML cards and made 10 greeting cards. They went together SO easily and quickly I found myself giggling! Here's how they turned out - but WAIT! I've seen these cards embellished to the "T" with bling and ribbon and cricut cuts, and accessories galore! But I'm always conscious of the cost of a project and wanted to keep it on the simple economical side - with the OPTION of adding on if you want! I'll explain more later….so with simplicity and economy in mind, here is what I came up with…

This card has a 4x6 and a 3x4 PML card layered together with Kraft cardstock. I added a few sparkles to the bird cage chain.

This one is simply one 4x6 card trimmed down to fit a standard sized card. And a few sparkles. That's it! EASY? You bet!

This card features some of the skylark paper on the base and then parts I trimmed off of other cards - and a few sparkles...

The sentiment came from a PML card, I just trimmed it out and added it to my card base! 

This is another beautiful 4x6 card that I trimmed down and matted with kraft cardstock. I added some interest in the bottom left with left-over trimmed of card parts and a resin flower.

This is another 4x6 card, trimmed down to fit a stand card! I added a resin flower and leaves trimmed from excess card parts! (I love the sentiment!)

Here is another 4x6 card that says it all! Simply matted on kraft cardstock with a few sparkles! 
(See the tiny red dots toward the bottom left sided? Yep, I can honestly say that I put my BLOOD, sweat, and sometimes tears into my cards! Can anyone say "paper cut"?)

Here is a card with Skylark paper on the card base and a sentiment trimmed out from a 3x4 card! So easy! 

 Here is a card with Skylark paper on the base, a 3x4 PML card in the center and a sentiment trimmed out from a 4x6 PML card! Again - SO easy!

 Here are 2 PML cards matted in kraft cardstock and layered together. I added a piece of zip strip arrow border at the top to match the bottom and a resin flower with a sparkle. (You don't even need the flower! It's cute without it!)

And finally, this has a 4x6 card on the base and a 3x4 card matted in kraft cardstock and a sentiment cut from another 3x4 card added on top! You really don't need that last "you and me" part, but I put it on there anyway. And added a resin bird and some bitty sparkles.

Inside of the card I added a trimmed down 4x6 card!

See what I mean about EASY? Now remember I said I had used 15 total PML cards? That means there are still 107 cards to create MORE! Or scrapbook with, or use as notes or gift tags, etc. 

Another note, I chose cards with sentiments on them already. There are a TON of cards just waiting for your personalized stamped sentiments!

So here's the deal. You can purchase a kit to make your own on club night. I made all 10 cards with the following:

10 cards/envelopes
1 sheet Skylark paper
1 sheet Kraft cardstock
1 package Clear Sparkles

1 package Skylark Picture My Life  (see below)

Optional add-on's
Skylark Assortment
Teal Shimmer Trim
Lagoon Zipper Lace
Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape
Aqua Dots
Clear Sparkle Flourishes - small assortment
White Daisy Cards/Envelopes Value Pack (50)
Skylark Paper Pack (12 sheets of paper)
Chocolate Ink (for distressing)
Corner Rounder
3-D Foam Tape

So here is the deal for my club members:

Friendship Kits - $15 each
Purchase a basic kit above and SHARE a PML card kit with 2 other friends in the club (you will each get 40 cards)

BFF Kits - $20 each
Purchase a basic kit above and SHARE a PML card kit with 1 other friend in the club (you will each get 61 cards)

The "Who Needs Friends" Kit - $32 each
Purchase a basic kit above and an entire pack of Skylark Picture My Life cards for just $32 and as a BONUS receive a FREE decorated box to store your completed cards or leftover PML cards in! (You will have ALL 122 cards to work with!!) You might want to consider adding on the value pack of cards/envelopes so you will have plenty to make more cards!

Choose the deal that's best for YOU! And if you are not in the club, you can purchase the long-distance Basic Kit items on my website (listed below) and I'll send your completed box by mail! (Simply click on the items below and add them to your cart!)

Long Distance Basic Kit 
Skylark Picture My Life
Skylark Paper Pack
White Daisy Cards/Envelopes Value Pack

Optional Add Ons
Skylark Assortment
Skylark Complements
Clear Sparkles
Teal Shimmer Trim
Lagoon Zipper Lace
Woodgrain Washi Tape
Corner Rounder
Aqua Dots
Clear Sparkle Flourishes - Small Assortment
3-D Foam Tape
Chocolate Ink

Close To My Heart makes creating beautiful artwork, that you are proud to share with others, SO EASY!

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