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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crop Cash and Auction at Stonewall!

At every crop I offer Crop Cash for various activities that you can use to bid on items at the auction on the last day of the crop! (I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the auction items, but they are all packed! I guess you just have to wait for the crop!)

This currency is as good as gold at my events AND it never expires! If you don't spend it at this crop, bring it back to the next one!

Here are ways you can earn crop cash at the Stonewall Event:
Pay for the crop in full by December 31 - $20
For every $1 spent on products - $1
For every $1 in orders placed - $1
For every $1 spent at workshops - $1 
 For every $1 donated to Operation Smile $1
Host a Gathering, Book, or Online party - $10 
Join a Club - $15 
Become a consultant - $20 
Chicken Dance - have rubber chicken when song plays - $5
 Chicken Dance - dance during song - $1 
Play a Game - $1
 Pajama Hour – wearing PJs in ballroom after 9pm - $1 
 Enter a contest* $1
*you can enter once in each category
 Win a contest: 
Lady of Layouts – voted best layout (2 winners) $20 
Sultan of the Studio – voted best SJ layout $20 
Countess of Cards – voted best card $20 
Princess of Paper – voted best 3-D project $20 

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities to earn your cash! And don't forget to bring any you have left over from previous events!

Are you getting excited yet? I am!!

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