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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Stonewall!

The countdown begins!!! My Stonewall Resort Crop is coming up Friday, January 23rd!!! I've got workshops kits prepped and packed along with prizes, and gifts, and lots of FUN!

There is SO much to enjoy at Stonewall and I will be posting all week about what you can expect.

But first up, I'd like to enlist your help! If you are attending the Stonewall Crop and have surge protectors and 3-prong extension cords PLEASE bring them with you! I'd like to have electric available at each table. And many are bringing lights, laptops, and cricuts to have at their tables. I have some, but will have to purchase more unless you can help me out. Stonewall charges $10 per day per surge to use theirs. And right now I still need a bunch!

If you have a surge or an extension cord that you can bring PLEASE let me know how many and how long they are. Be sure to mark them with your name so that if they get left behind I will know who to return them to. I really appreciate your help!

Next, did you know that if you book services with the Mountain Laurel Spa and mention that you are with the Creating With Christine Group you will receive 20% off! Click here to see a list of services and packages available and contact them directly to reserve your spot BEFORE Friday!

Stonewall offers so much more than just the spa for pampering. Their staff and service is second to none! You really feel like the most important person in the world when you are there!

Stay tuned this week for more posts of what to expect while you are there! Are you getting excited?? I am!


  1. Christine, super excited about this weekend! Trying to get my stuff together and ended cleaning my scrap room! lol! I am bringing a surge protector and extenson cord. My surge has a 3 foot cord and the extension has a 6 fot cord. I can; however, bring longer extension, much longer. Denise is also bringing and i can't remember the length. Just let me know if you want me to drag out the big dogs! My husband says he has the massive heavy duty 50 footers, 100 footers, etc.

    1. Donna, we should be fine if everyone remembers to bring what they said they would. But if you want to bring a few just in case, that will be great! Whatever you bring will help!! Thank you! Thank you!!