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Monday, March 9, 2015

Confetti Wishes Party Theme - take out box!

Continuing on the party theme, here is the centerpiece that I made to go on top of the cupcake holder! I actually had cupcakes on the two tiers this past summer, but they were all given away and eaten! And of course I used our cupcake wrapper pattern on the Artiste cartridge that says "happy birthday" around the top. I even ran them through my Cuttlebug using our Dot Embossing Folder for even more texture and to continue the "confetti" theme!

Now for the centerpiece, I actually used one of our new take out boxes and modified it to look like the card-in-a-box invitation!

I didn't use the wire handle, and I opened the lid flaps and added paper to them to extend them down the front and sides. For the back I extended it upwards.

You can see that this box has tapered flaps and back to coordinate with the tapered box shape. But it is still enough of a similarity with the colors and shape. It's much larger - it stands about 8" tall

I love the Artiste cupcakes!!! And I especially love the pink glitter paper cherry!

I'll be back with more tomorrow...


  1. Oh how lovely Confetti Wishes Party - take out box! I just love its design. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Well, at some local party venue NYC I am also planning to host my mom’s birthday party. So please share some DIY vintage d├ęcor ideas!