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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Brushed Yoyo Wall Decor!

Well, I hate to admit it, but I didn't get my Brushed cards done to share with you today. BUT, instead I am going to share some of the Brushed artwork I made for convention last year.

This was my decor for a garden party theme, or in this case, a leadership luncheon.

Let's start with wall decor! If you have ever browsed Pinterest for party theme ideas, you will have notices that it's not just about what goes on the tables anymore - it's all about creating atmosphere! Since I was using the Brushed paper for my party, I decided to pull some of the colors out and make wall yoyo's out of cardstock!

These are SO easy to make. In fact, our Artiste Cricut cartridge has several with fun designs on them! But I decided to keep it simple using cardstock, a paper cutter, and a score board!

You first want to decide how big you want your finished yoyo (or flower) to be. In this case I wanted the largest one to be a 12" yoyo so I cut strips of 6" paper and scored every 1". Then you accordian fold the strips. Overlap the strips to make one long strip. Then over lap the 2 ends to make a big circle. Here is an example using smaller strips for a previous project.

Strips are scored and folded.

Overlap the ends to make one long strip.

Now overlap the beginning and end to make a circle.

At this point you will need a circle just a little smaller than your yoyo. If this was a 2 1/2" finished yoyo, I would want a 2" circle. You will add a puddle of liquid glass on the circle, then center your pleated circle over the top. Gently fold in toward the center and press down into liquid glass.

You can hold it in place for about 15-20 seconds until it begins to set. I like to put a weight on top of the yoyo to ensure that it dries nice and flat.

This is the exact process, only with larger pieces of paper. I think I used 6 strips of 6" x 12" cardstock for the largest one. And since I didn't use any of the fancy cricut designs, I decided to punch the ends with our new Chevron punch to give it some pizazz! (Note: I would do this after you score but before you fold.)

Here is another one using our new Triangle punch!

On this one, I folded the strips then cut the ends at an angle to get this design.

On this one I used our corner rounder to get this scalloped design.

So easy! So inexpensive! So fun! And it makes a BIG statement when your guests walk in!

Try it for your next party!
I'll have more of this party theme for you on my next post!


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    1. Thank you! This project can really transform an event or even a bedroom!


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