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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stonewall Crop Waiting List!

I'm excited to report that the Stonewall Resort Crop is FULL with 58 happy croppers! But it makes me equally sad to not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to go. I have asked Stonewall Resort if they could squeeze any extra tables in for us and they said no. We already have 10 more croppers than last year! So I have started a waiting list. I currently have 14 people on the waiting list, which doesn't sound promising, but trust me -- there are ALWAYS last minute cancellations! So don't give up hope. 

And if you have a friend that is already signed up and they want to share their table with you, perfect! You're in! We can have extra people, just not extra tables. Make sense? But, if you know croppers, they tend to fill up their entire table with their own stuff! But if you find someone who wants to share, just let me know. The crop fee for each of you will be slightly less.

If you are not yet on the waiting list and would like to be added just let me know. Like I said, there are ALWAYS last minute cancellations and many people on the waiting list have already made other plans, so chances are good that you could still get in if you are open to a last minute addition.

I'm already looking forward to our weekend away! And my helpers and I are busy planning workshops and lots of fun for our weekend together!

Stay tuned...

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