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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stonewall Resort 2016 Crop Recap!

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to get a post on here....I just wanted to share how much fun we had at Stonewall for my annual crop! Here is just a tiny recap - I didn't snap pictures of my my helpers, the workshops or the fun stuff, but I hope you can join us next year - *no official plans yet, but I'll let you know*!

We had the expansive ballroom and these girls really load up their tables! Their passion for the art, their devotion to the heritage and purpose, their love for one another is contagious!

Everyone at my crop WINS! Each year I have a game for them to "earn" their prize! They play as a group - each table cluster. This year's theme was Guess The Decade - you had to guess the song, artist, movie and decade it was released by hearing a song clip and seeing an image from the film. Team work was required, but EVERYONE WON! Good job girls - I am impressed!!

Each year I also have an auction where you can bid on prizes! This year I had $672 worth of prizes to bid on! **Note: for those in attendance, next year we will have a microphone!** Everyone has opportunities to earn crop cash - which never expires, so if you don't use it one year, bring it back to the next crop!

We also have a dedicated person assigned to help us raise money for Operation Smile. Nicole does a great job every year! This year between the Spring Basket drawing, 50/50 drawing, Animal Greetings Stamps, and OS t-shirts we raised almost $400!!! That will go to directly change the life of TWO children. That alone made our weekend!

Finally, since we didn't have room for an artwork contest this year, I went around and took pictures of what people were working on to inspire us all! As I was compiling these images into a Power Point Presentation, I was overwhelmed with emotion! These women, every-single-one of them was not only having a wonderful weekend away from everyday life and surrounded by friends and laughter, they were also preserving family heritage, honoring those who have served in the military to protect our freedom, celebrating cancer survival, remembering those who didn't survive, celebrating first bike rides, marriages, babies, the list goes on and on! And EACH ONE has an important, meaningful story to tell. And because of these ladies, that story is now available to pass down from generation to generation! I'm so proud of these women, and honored to be counted as one of their friends!

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. But Lord willing, I will see you all next year at Stonewall Resort for another fun filled, purpose driven weekend away! Love you guys!

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