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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Magically Awesome Cards!

This month my club will be making projects with our Magical papers and coordinating embellishments! This super simple card workshop is for the cardmakers in my group - inspired by the amazing Vicki Wizniuk! Check out her blog here, you will no doubt be inspired!

I LOVE this stamp set and know I will use it over and over again! The message never gets outdated and is always necessary! It's called Beyond Awesome and is $13.95 on my website here.

You can see how simple, yet bright and fun these cards are. And the message? Do you know a teen or friend, or family member or employee or co-worker who can use a message like this? I have NO doubt! Let's spread some cheer and lift others up!

The inside message of this can be stamped with: DAY, BIRTHDAY, LIFE, TIME or anything else you want handwrite or hand stamp with alphabet stamps!

These cards can be created using ANY paper and ANY stamp set - basically using scraps! Try creating a set of your own with scraps you have laying around!

Have a CREATIVE day!

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