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Monday, October 24, 2016

Planners for 2017!

GREAT NEWS! The Everyday Day Life 2017 Planners are finally here!!! Not only will they appeal to those who love to stay organized, it also includes COLORING PAGES! Do you think we can write this off as a coloring therapy medical expense?

The month dividers of this planner feature beautiful, intricate coloring-page style designs that are carried through in smaller details on the following pages. These planner pages also include a plastic zipper pouch for storing your markers, coloring pencils, pen, and other writing and decorating instruments. No two planners will look alike after they are colored!

You can purchase the planner in three different ways:

Bundled together with the Everyday Life Album—Stripes (CC1178, $31.90)

Bundled together with the Everyday Life™ Album—Seaglass (CC1177, $31.90)

Or, buy only the planner pages themselves (CC2017, $16.95)

These planners and coordinating albums would make a PERFECT gift for a friend who wants to stay organized and loves to color to de-stress. Planning and coloring therapy? It’s a win-win!

These fabulous planners are only available for a limited time while supplies last, so be sure to order yours and a gift for a friend soon!!

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