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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Paper Blossoms!

How would you like to learn how to make these adorable Paper Blossoms? These make adorable backgrounds for parties, bedrooms, and entryways!
See instructions below:
What you will need: 
• 11 sheets of the same paper design. (The artwork example uses Hello Lovely (X7216B), but you can choose any paper packet! )
• Inside circle from the Welcome Home wreath kit from the January promotion—you can substitute this with a 9½" circle cut from cardboard or chipboard. 
• Liquid Glass (Z679) 
• Paper trimmer or scissors
Step 1—Cut your paper. 
You will need to cut your sheets into the following sizes: 
• 4" x 4" (51) 
• 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" (32) 
• 3" x 3" (15)
Step 2—Form your petals. 
Once your paper is all cut, roll up each piece like a cone, leaving it open on the top and closed at the bottom; seal the seam using liquid glass. Roll up each petal keeping the same pattern on the outside of each.
Step 3—Assemble your flower. 
Using the inside circle from the Welcome Home wreath kit as your base (or a cardstock circle), start building your flower from the outside layer. Attach your largest petals onto the round about 2" in from the edge, leaving about a finger width between each. (Tip: pinch the bottom tip of the cone flat when adding adhesive). When building your second row, place the petals in the spaces created in the first layer, and so on. Use the large petals for the first three layers, then create two layers using the medium sized petals, and complete the final 2 layers in the center using the smallest petals. Depending on how tightly you roll your petals and how close you attach them, you may end up using a different number than you cut at the beginning.
Step 4—Display your completed flower with pride!

Additional notes: 
• For an alternate look, you can change which paper pattern shows on each layer. In this scenario, attach your petals as you roll them up so you’ll know how many of each pattern you need. 
• For faster drying, you can use a hot glue gun in place of liquid glass when adhering your petals to the final base.

Have fun creating these adorable paper blossoms! I'd love to see what you come up with!

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