Clearance Stamps


All used stamps are $5 each.
All new stamps are $10 each.

Many of these stamps are good friends that I hate to say goodbye to, but it's time to pass them on to someone who can use them! Some $5 are new (the "A" Sized ones) and some $10 stamps are used (the "E" Sized ones). These are marked so you know. But for the most part $5 are used and $10 are new. 

Some stamp sets were designed to coordinate with our exclusive Cricut Cartridges. If that is the case I will list which cartridge it coordinates with. Use of the cricut is completely optional.

These stamps are available on a first come - first served basis. Once a stamp set is claimed, I will hold it for 24 hours for payment. If not paid for within that time it will be released again. I accept cash, check, or PayPal. Shipping is extra. If there is more than one of the stamp set available, you will see a "Qty" beside it. Please let me know how many of each you want to purchase.

Congratulations on scoring a GREAT DEAL! Happy Bargain Shopping!!


A1173 - The Best Dad Ever (NEW)

B1391 - Zoology

B1408 - Buttons, Bits and Bobs

B1417 - Perfect Fit - Birthday

 SOLD B1419 - Joyful Birthday

B1454 - Thanksgiving Wreath

B1464 - Puppy Party

B1466 - Sweet Salutations

SOLD B1504 - Sending Love

SOLD B1518 - Celebrate You

SOLD B1531 - Racecar Birthday

SOLD B1533 - Circus Birthday

B1551 - Mother's Day WYW

B1552 - Happy Congratulations

C1463 - Harvest Happiness
(Coordinates with Cricut Art Philosophy)

SOLD C1464 - Blue Ribbon
(Coordinates with Cricut Art Philosophy)

SOLD C1504 - Fall Harvest

C1533 - Fabulous You

C1538 - Girls Rock
(Coordinates with Cricut Art Philosophy)

C1540 - Hello Blooms
(Coordinates with Cricut Artiste)

C1542 - Perfect Fit - Dad
(Coordinates with Cricut Artiste)

C1543 - Perfect Fit - Mom
(Coordinates with Cricut Artiste)

SOLD C1581 - Inspiration Flourishes
(Coordinates with Cricut Artiste)

C1589 - Lifetime of Happiness

SOLD C1599 - Pretty Petals
(Coordinates with Cricut Art Philosophy)

SOLD C1600 - Happy Birds

C1603 - A Bunch of Thanks

C1612 - Shower Flowers

C1619 - So Many Smiles
(Coordinates with Cricut Art Philosophy)

C1624 - Birthday Wish
(Coordinates with our Cricut Artistry)

SOLD C1632 - Say It All

C1641 - Springtime Wishes

SOLD C1650 - One in a Melon
(Coordinates with our Cricut Artistry)

D1304 - Life's Creation

D1491 - Hooray Bouquet
(Coordinates with our Cricut Art Philosophy)

SOLD D1540 - In the Background

D1555 - All the Details
(Coordinates with our Cricut Art Philosophy)

D1623 - Brushed Scrapbooking Workshop
(Coordinates with our Cricut Artbooking)

SOLD D1651 - Wavy Blooms

D1681 - Perfect Picture
(Coordinates with our Cricut Artistry)

SOLD D1683 - Woodland Romance
(Coordinates with our Cricut Artistry)


B1408 - Buttons, Bits and Bobs (Qty. 4)
Images coordinate with the Artiste Cartridge

B1465 - Glitter Glam

B1466 - Sweet Salutations

SOLD B1525 - Enjoy the Ride

SOLD B1536 - All the Thanks

SOLD B1541 - Love Your Face

C1516 - Avonlea WOTG (Qty. 4)
Images coordinate with the Artiste Cartridge

C1575 - True To Life (Qty 2)
Coordinats with our Cricut Art Philosophy

C1589 - Lifetime of Happiness

SOLD C1598 - Noel

SOLD C1616 - Treats of Friendship

SOLD D1325 - Argyle Backgrounds

SOLD D1605 - Halloween Greetings
Coordinates with our Cricut Artiste

SOLD D1613 - Best Christmas
Coordinates with our Cricut Art Philosophy

SOLD D1660 - Ink Blot

SOLD D1668 - Charming Cascades

D1705 - With You
(Coordinates with our Cricut Flower Market)

E1034 - Marker Alphabet - $15
(This NEW stamp set contains two sheets for a complete alphabet and punctuation)

S1204 - You Are... (Qty 10)

S1308 - A Chocolate Affair (Qty. 6)

S1312 - Special Care
Images Coordinate with the Art Philosophy Cartridge

S1401 - Cross-Stitch Wishes (Qty. 2)

SOLD S1501 - This Moment
Coordinates with our Cricut Artbooking

S1509 - Paper Garden
Coordinates with our Cricut Artiste

S1511 - Cheers 2016

S1603 - Sunshine Birdies

SOLD S1606 - The Long Way Home

S1607 - From the Notebook

SOLD S1609 - Blessed Beyond Measure
Coordinates with our Cricut Artbooking

S1610 - Yuletide Joy
Coordinates with our Cricut Art Philosophy


  1. Christine, I would like Sweet Home and Around the block. My e-mail is I can pay through paypal. Thank you, Janice West

  2. Christine, I just started following your web site and don't know how to do this...I would like some used stamps but am out-of-state and don't know how to do paypal. May I send you a check, please? I would like Miracles, Intrinsic Backgrounds, The Present, and Treasure Life. My email is; I am also a CTMH consultant,fairly new one. Thank you.

  3. Hi Christine, I would like All Decked Out and Get Inspired (used) I will bring you the money.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you still had All Decked out or sale?

    My email is nyssagarcia AT hotmail DOT com

    Thanks! Alicia

  5. I would love to get Life Is Tweet!

    Thanks, Cathy Martin

    martin UNDERSCORE cathy at hotmail dot com

  6. I would love E1016 - Friendship Alphabet Large if it's still available! rgauss at sbcglobal dot net

  7. I am be interested in E1013 Field Trip Alphabet used for $10. How much would shipping be to Northern Indiana? My email is and I can pay with paypal or check whichever you prefer.

  8. Christine, I am interested in the Quick Shell, Remarkable Wreath, and Lucy WOTG sets--are they still available? simonfilbey at yahoo dot com

  9. Do you still have the Friendship stamp? If so, I would like it. Please let me know. My email is I am in California so I would need to have it shipped to me. Thanks.

  10. Would the Canada day and live inspired still be available?

  11. hello, do you have any of these sets left?
    thank you!

    C1020 - It's Your Day (double stamp set)
    C1516 - Avonlea WOTG (Qty. 6)
    D1140 - Miracle
    S1211 - Capture the Date - Qty. 2 

    email: princesskatielynn86@

  12. I would love to have

    Marilyn Beaumont

  13. E1006 baroque alphabet, B1396 school rocks and D1523 sweet music. My email is I do PayPal. Thank you

  14. I am interested in S1110 - Holiday Magic. You would be shipping to Athens, OH 45701. Can you let me know if it's still available.
    Susan Hopkins.

  15. I would like to buy
    A1133 Festival of Lights
    A1104 A tweet
    C1520 Christmas Joy
    S1210 A Very Merry Christmas
    S1208 Baroque Boarders
    D1442 Thriller
    Please let me know if these are still for sale. I can use paypal or mail a check. Shipping address is in California
    Thanks so much
    Kathie Hanna

  16. Hi Christine, I would like to have these stamps if you still have them. I can pay at the Jan. crop or through paypal if you want. Thanks! paper lantern, flowering bunch, headline alphabet, key moments, and baroque borders if that sale should happen to fall through. Christy Sloan

  17. Can't find any place to email you so here is my business: Ref: The mongrammed box with cards that you offer at the Retreat as a workshop: Can I purchase/Do you sell this separately? I am not going to the Crop but I have a friend who would love to make this.

    Ref: Stamps: Old or New I am looking for the stamp set anmes Aspire from the 2012 Spring and Summer Idea Book. C1455. Do you or anyone you know have it for sale? Thanks.

    1. Rita, I just sent you a FB message. It is probably listed under your "OTHER" messages. I will wait to hear back from you! :o)

  18. Hi Christine, I am interested in the Blessings of peace and was wondering if you would be happy to send it to me in Australia. I can pay by Paypal, and postage too of course. Also how do you manage to set up your pictures in this shop with qty etc? looks really good.

    1. Lorna,
      I'd be happy to send you the stamp set all the way to Australia!!! If you give me your address I can calculate postage for you.

      For the stamp images I scan them into my computer and then post them online. I used to take a photo but the plastic sheet would often have a reflection or glare. Scanning works much better. Then I just type the description and quantity underneath each image.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Christine,
    I am interested in capture the date set if you still have it. My e-mail is

  20. I am interested in the wild about love stamp if you still have it. I can pay you by paypal.

    1. I'm so sorry. It's no longer available. I really need to update this. I have several more not listed, but I'm preparing for a large event and can't get to it right now. Sorry....

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